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Corporate Hacks to Elevate Your Career

You're driven. You're ambitious. And you're always seeking that competitive edge, aren't you?

Well, you're in the right place.

Let's Challenge the 'Norm'

It's easy to get caught in the corporate grind.

But why be ordinary when you can BE EXTRAORDINARY?

We've got your back with some offbeat corporate hacks.

Hack #1: Be the Chief 'Energy' Officer

Energy is contagious.

So, why not be the source?

Radiate positivity, foster enthusiasm, and watch your team's productivity soar.

Hack #2: Master the Art of Listening

Yes, you've heard this a million times.

But have you really mastered it?

Listening isn't just about hearing words.

It's about understanding perspectives and deriving insights.

It's about fostering connections and building bridges.

Hack #3: Schedule Thinking Time

Sounds crazy? But, how often do we pause and reflect?

Scheduling time to think can spark creativity and drive innovative solutions.

Hack #4: Be Intentionally Unavailable

We're not saying go MIA!

But, strategic unavailability can increase your value.

Remember, scarcity breeds desire!

Hack #5: Turn Failures into Fuel

Failure is a dirty word in the corporate world.

Let's change that narrative.

Failures are just stepping stones to success.

Embrace them, learn from them, and let them fuel your ascent.

Can My Resume Be More Than a Page Long? Well, Yes.

Interview Hiring GIF by 60 Second Docs

In LiveCareer's "How Resumes Changed in 5 Years" report, we discovered an eye-opening trend. Resumes, once a one-page snapshot, have now snowballed to approximately two pages.

The hike? It's all thanks to job seekers spicing up their resumes with skill sections to flaunt their relevant experience.

In 2018, resumes averaged a tame 312 words. Fast forward to 2023, and this number has ballooned to 512 words - a staggering 61% growth.

Employers have switched gears to skills-based hiring. Candidates, you need to strut your stuff! Showcase your unique traits, hard and soft skills, achievements, and certifications to stand out.

  • Coding languages? They're the new black. 7 out of 10 hard skills in 2023 had a techy twist, up from a mere 3 in 2018. As AI continues to shape our world, expect this trend to persist.

  • Time management? It's climbed to the top of the soft skills ladder, soaring from #7. Meanwhile, critical thinking has muscled its way into the top three, despite being MIA from the top ten five years ago.

  • Showcasing certifications, languages, and other feathers in their cap? Applicants are doubling down on these sections. It's all part of the great skills-based hiring revolution.

  • The "remote" or "hybrid" buzzwords? They've tripled in resumes, as the quest for remote jobs intensifies.

2024 sees a salary surge!

Wages and benefits are on the rise across industries. Overall, we saw a 1.1% jump in the first quarter. The last year saw private sector salaries skyrocket by 5.1% and benefits climb by 3.6%.

Union workers? You're in luck!

Your wages soared 6.3% compared to the non-union worker's 4.1%. And guess what? Your benefits outpaced theirs too, rocketing up by 3.8% against 3.6%.

Job openings and hires remained steady as a rock in March.

March brought no major shake-ups. Even with 8.5 million job openings, there were only minor shifts in sectors like construction, finance, and local government education. And let's not forget, layoffs? No significant changes there either!

Unemployment rate? Still the same old 3.9%.

However, healthcare and transportation industries saw job gains. Long-term unemployment, those out of action for over 27 weeks? Unchanged. But remember, 19% of the unemployed have been jobless for over 6 months.

The Political Tightrope: Can I Talk Politics At Work?

Ever wondered if you can discuss politics at work?

Episode 2 Hawk GIF by SHOWTIME

Let's face it. We live in a politically charged world. Everywhere we turn, politics is on the tip of everyone's tongue. But what about at the office? Can you safely discuss politics at work?

The short answer is - Yes. But also, No.

It isn't as black and white as it seems. Much depends on your place of work and the context of your political discourse. Let's bust a common myth here. The First Amendment does NOT blanket protect your right to talk politics at private workplaces.

It shields you from government actions against you, not from your employer's reactions to your political proclamations. So, when is it that you are in the clear?

There are exceptions, and they're worth noting.

  • Protected Concerted Activity Talk: If your political gabfest veers into this territory, you're safe.

  • Impact on a Protected Class: If your employer's actions affect a particular protected class of individuals, you have some room to breathe.

  • State or Local Ordinance: Some states or localities lay down the law that says otherwise.

  • Public Entity: If your employer is a public entity, like a city, county, or school district, you're on safer ground.

Now, would we recommend talking politics at work? No. We wouldn’t. But it’s always good to know where the line is drawn.

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