Is AI Taking the Human Out of the HR Department?

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Workers 75 and older are the fastest-growing age group in the workforce

The American workplace is teetering on the edge of a seismic shift, driven by the swift aging of its population. With over 55 million Americans aged 65 and above and projections expecting this number to swell to 80 million by 2040, the looming retirement of Baby Boomers threatens to drain talent from companies across the nation.

To confront this challenge, businesses must embrace older workers, a demographic that's not only growing but also proving to be a valuable asset. Despite this, ageism remains a pervasive issue in corporate culture, hindering the advancement and retention of older employees. Yet, research consistently demonstrates that older workers often perform on par, if not better than, their younger counterparts.

With longer lifespans and a desire to remain in the workforce, older individuals present a compelling opportunity for companies willing to adapt. Forward-thinking organizations, like L'Oréal, are already spearheading age-inclusive initiatives, recognizing the immense value of a diverse and multigenerational workforce. As the impending talent drain looms large, the imperative for businesses to retain and support their older employees becomes increasingly evident.

Read more about this issue in the linked article below.

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Consumer price index reveals a 3.1% increase in food, energy, and shelter

According to the Consumer Price Index, food, energy, and shelter prices rose an average of 3.1% in the last 12 months ending in January. Within the average, energy prices decreased by 4.6%, while the food index increased by 2.6% over the previous year.

Average hourly earnings are down by 0.1% due to shorter workweeks

Average hourly earnings rose by 1.4% from January 2023 to January 2024 last year. However, employees saw a decrease of 1.4% in the average workweek, resulting in a 0.1-percent reduction in actual average weekly earnings.

High school degrees are required for 40% of jobs

Currently, 40% of jobs require a high school degree, and 47.5% need workers to have prior work experience. The high school diploma is needed at higher rates within particular fields, with 70% of childcare workers in need of the degree. However, most jobs (79%) require new employees to complete on-the-job training.

Raising unemployment rates in city centers

In December, the highest unemployment rate in city centers was found in El Centro, CA, with 18.3%, and the lowest was in Burlington, VT, with 1.6%. Of the 51 cities with populations of at least 1 million,  Baltimore, MD, saw the lowest jobless rate in December at 2.0 percent, and Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise, NV, had the highest rate at 5.3 percent.

Is AI Taking the Human Out of the HR Department?

I Like It Tidy

WJS recently published a podcast episode named “Is AI Taking the Human Out of the HR Department?” We listened to the podcast for you, and here are the top 3 takeaways you would need to consider from this episode:

  1. Generative AI Integration in HR: Companies are increasingly adopting generative AI in their HR processes, with a Gartner survey indicating that only 15% of HR leaders surveyed had no plans to implement it. From screening resumes to identifying flight risks among employees, AI is streamlining HR tasks, leading to faster and more efficient operations.

  2. Potential Impact on Workplace Dynamics: The integration of generative AI in HR raises questions about its potential impact on workplace dynamics. While some view it as a tool for improving employee-manager relationships, others fear it may lead to dehumanization or job displacement. The balance between leveraging AI for efficiency and preserving human interaction remains a critical consideration.

  3. Broader Societal Implications: Beyond the workplace, the podcast explores how AI, particularly chatbots, can address societal challenges. For instance, Reshma Saujani's initiative,, utilizes chatbots to help individuals navigate complex legal frameworks surrounding paid family leave. This underscores the potential for AI to support vulnerable communities and improve access to essential services beyond corporate settings.

For further insights and in-depth discussions on AI's evolving role in HR and its broader societal implications, we recommend listening to the full podcast episode.

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